Experience playing Sic Bo to easily win big

For those of you who play betting games on online bookies. Surely there is nothing strange about the Sic Bo game anymore. The game brings the highest level of fairness and greenness. This is a great upgrade for online Sic Bo, because it can make players feel more secure and confident in betting. Today at 188JILI we will introduce to you the experience playing Sic Bo and easily winning big from online bookmakers. Please read the following article carefully with us.

A brief introduction to the Sic Bo game

A brief introduction to the Sic Bo game

188JILI Sic Bo is an upgraded version from the regular online Sic Bo version. With outstanding features, this game is considered fairer and greener than many old versions. Players do not have to worry that they will lose a lot because the house adjusts the results. Or you don’t have to worry about hackers using software tools to hack results anymore.

So why does 188 JILI over/under make players feel more secure and confident? Because this Sic Bo game has been updated with a new feature that checks and prevents all software or applications that can interfere with the outcome of the bet.

This is an extremely modern upgrade. Used to check all results of bets. And it also has high encryption to prevent all virus or hacker files from affecting the betting results.

With this special feature, players will have fair results and can easily win bets by applying experiences playing Sic Bo researched and summarized by veteran gamblers.

Experience playing Sic Bo that are easiest to win at online bookmakers

Experience playing Sic Bo that are easiest to win at online bookmakers
Experience playing Sic Bo that are easiest to win at online bookmakers

sic bo 188JILI with this special upgrade, players cannot use cheating software. Therefore, if you want to win big, you need to clearly understand how to play as well as learn the experiences and tips of experienced people in playing Sic Bo. Only then can you easily win bets in this game.

You need to understand the betting method in sic bo

Understanding the betting method in this game is extremely necessary. Although the way to play this game is simply to bet on one of two bets: over and under. But if you don’t know what is over and what is under, you will not be able to participate in betting.

Furthermore, understanding the rules of betting will help you avoid making mistakes. Leading to unfortunate loss of money.

You should set yourself a reasonable betting method

The fact that you should divide the amount of money you have into parts, and calculate a reasonable bet is an experience in playing Sic Bo that many players pay attention to and care about. Because if you do not distribute your bets properly, you will easily lose control of your money and easily lose all your money.

The best bet that veteran players recommend is to bet an amount equal to 1/10 of the amount you have. Don’t bet once or twice all the time.
For example, if you deposit 1 million to play Sic Bo, you should not bet more than 100k in each bet.

You should use the double betting method when you reach the red line

Experience playing Sic Bo to easily win big

Once you get used to the game, you need to use the folding method to easily win money from the house. This method means you only bet on 1 bet, and your bet amount will be doubled if you lose. Just like that until you win, you return to the original bet level.

With this method you will easily win money from the house. But note that you need to have an amount 5 times larger than normal and must stop when you have won an amount equal to 1/2 of the original amount.
For example: To use this betting method, you normally only deposit 1 million. So today I have to deposit 5 million to avoid losing early. And each bet will still be 100k, losing will increase to 200k, then 400k. If you win, you return to the original 100k bet. And if you win up to 2 million, you need to stop playing.

Maintain a confident mentality without being distracted by others

With experience playing Sic Bo, it is quite important that you maintain confidence. Once you have determined your fighting method, you should not be disturbed by external factors. You should also keep a comfortable mentality, winning is certain. If so, a lot of luck will come to you. That same confidence is what helps you choose the correct bets.


With sharing about experience playing Sic Bo in the article. We hope that you can easily understand and apply this game properly. And brings the best results. Wishing you good luck and don’t forget to follow 188JILI casino to get the best playing experiences.

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